I have created this page to post articles and videos related to personal development. As humans, and especially as traders, the struggles we go through begin in the mind. Therefore, the feeding of the mind becomes of particular importance. If you feed the mind information that is based on negative factors, you will in turn produce thoughts of a negative nature and the results will be evident in the same nature. If, however, you stimulate your mind with positive, self-confidence building information and make an assertive effort to think upon that information, the results produced can be quite astounding. As you read the articles and watch the videos here, my hope is that it lifts your spirits and elevates you to the empowered belief that you can achieve the success and self fulfillment you desire. Successful men and women throughout history have had one common trait...they believed in their mind that they would succeed before the reality of that belief made itself evident to others. In this communication age we are bombarded with bad news, fear driven editorials and stories of people's failures. According to the statistics, 95% of the individuals who start trading the forex market fail. Therefore, we must focus on the 5% and what it takes to be part of that group. It is my intent to chronicle the achievements of people and to focus on what CAN be done. If we will change our minds, we WILL change our future and achieve the goals we set for ourselves.


Les Brown is a wellknown motivational speaker and author. Here is a 6 part video series featuring Les.