My name is Daniel. I have been involved in the Forex Market since 2005, but I actually got my first experience in trading by investing in crude oil futures over 10 years ago. That profitable experience made me curious about how I could do this as a full time business. After a friend called me to tell me about FX  I set out to learn how to make money trading in the currency market. Needless to say, this was one of the hardest and most difficult things I had ever done. I jumped around from technique to technique and lost money trying to trade in my first year. Then I was fortunate to come across a great trader and teacher. A mentor who truly had understanding of the markets...something I had been lacking. This gentleman developed courses and workshops to help traders understand the true nature of the market and I began to study those materials.With that training I became a very good analyst but that did not crossover into my trades because of my psychological weaknesses.I found myself giving all the profit I had made in several trades back in one single trade. I moved my stops, got into trades I should have never taken and got out of good trades much to soon. I am stubborn by nature, but I realized that I must change something inside of me. I had to overcome the bad habits I had formed in my early trading career but how could I do that? I started reading good motivational materials, setting realistic goals and being consistent with my faith based approach .It took some time and definitely alot of soul searching and effort, but over a series of months I was able to change many beliefs that hindered my trading success.

Since then, I have had profitable yearly returns spanning the last three years. I also mentor other traders working toward helping them overcome many of the pitfalls that caused me and other traders alike to keep from achieving the success that can elude us all. You see, it's not enough just to learn how to trade, you must believe in your success and in yourself, and there are so many who simply just don't have the deeply needed confidence to make it as a trader in the markets. I do believe that if I can overcome the obstacles that kept me from trading consistent and profitable, with the right approach and techniques, MOST ANYONE can do it. I am no guru who has all the answers. I don't use a fancy proprietary indicator or have a failproof system. I am just a guy who found someone that already knew what I was trying to learn and then shared that knowledge to aid me in my progression. After many hours of hard work, I finally achieved consistency. The reason I have put this site together is not to give you a holy grail system or secret to the markets. I do it because of my passion for the market and a desire to perhaps help other traders with something useful that they may find here. Trading profitably is not an easy task to accomplish but everyday there are traders out there who take profits from the markets. Maybe you can become one among them. I wish you all the best.